I’ve Made Up My Mind

20160413_080330 (1).jpgIt has been 20 months since I gave birth to my son. While pregnant, I was so happy to be finally having a little person.  I dined out and ate shit that I never ate before, like warm doughnuts every morning.  When I gave birth I weighed 306lbs!!!! WTF!!!

After giving birth, I got back on my hype and never ate or even desired another freaking doughnut!! I currently weigh 210 lbs.  I can fit into my clothes and I look good with them on but, because I stretched my body out, there is room for some Nip&Tucking.

My mother keeps telling me that I can get my body back with diet and exercise but, that it not true. The fupa above my vijayjay will forever be there unless I get a tummy tuck and there is stubborn armpit fat that has been there even when I was size 8.

I haven’t given up on exercise and diet, in fact I still workout everyday and I eat bread maybe 2x a week, I don’t drink and I live a healthy lifestyle but, I have made up my mind to get a Mommy Makeover.



2 thoughts on “I’ve Made Up My Mind

  1. I feel your pain! I had 3 c-sections and that little pouch that surrounds my incision is an eye sore!! No matter what I do I cannot get rid of it! So I’ve stop focusing on that and started focusing on healthy living. Great post!


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