The Body Con

Screenshot_2016-05-04-09-50-35-2 (1).jpgI have totally been fooled about these  beautiful bodies that I see in the gyms, online and in the music and fashion industries.  These women are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thier bodies are admired by me and a lot of  other women who aren’t too afraid to admit it.

I have worked out my entire life, and lets face it, if you don’t have the genetic makeup, you will NEVER have a booty like Serena Williams!!!

After I had my son, I decided that I was going to have a Mommy Makeover so, I joined a couple of plastic surgery groups to get familiar with doctors and the women they have worked their magic on and the truth was discovered there.  All of these amazing bodies that I just knew for a fact were doing a million squats and hours in the gym were actually getting a little help from doctors! I was like, WTH! How could I be so naiive?

Yes, these women do go to the gym and watch their diets but, YES, they also get procedures to define areas of the body.


3 thoughts on “The Body Con

  1. I recently had exactly the same realisation! And the same goes for all my 40+ friends with perfect skin– they’re ALL botox-ing! How did I not know this?


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