Welcome to Ladies of Leisure, My name is Nina and I am a mother of a handsome boy named,Ahmir. Currently, I have been focused on getting the body I’ve always dreamed of.  I have always been very active and a very healthy eater….. BUT, the bottom line is, it gets a little hard, you know, stubborn problem areas that have been a problem for me before I had my son.

I recently lost 65 pounds with exercise and good disiplined eating habits.  I no longer drink alcohol, which I know was a big part of me losing so much weight.  It took me 1 year at 1.6 lbs per week.  I am not into fad diets because it deprives you of things you love.  I believe that you can enjoy your chocolate cake, you just have to do more jump squats and high knees the next day.

I’m currently a size 14 and my goal size is a 10. I have been interested in getting plastic surgery to fix my problem areas. Yes, I am a firm believer of exercise but, lets face it, if you weren’t blessed with booty, then you have to go buy you some!!!!

I have been doing a lot of research on body makeovers  and I am continuing my weight loss journey until I get my mommy makeover later on this year.

Follow me and let’s do this together.


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