Raspberries|Health benefits and nutrition Facts

Raspberry is delicious and lovely looking fruit from Rubus, which comes from the Rose family.  There are about 15 species of this fruit that are cultivated around the world.

Raspberries are very popular and are known for their nutritious character.  They are among the healthiest fruits and are super beneficial for your health.  It has dense nutrient content that includes:  Antioxidants, Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, etc.

Raspberries are very healthy.  They are useful in preventing damage to DNA of our cells from free radicals thereby protecting from many health problems like cancer, cardiovascular health, premature aging and many more.  It is also known for its positive effects on improving eye vision, immunity, blood formation and promoting healthy weight loss.


Real Fast Food

Screenshot_2016-05-11-10-40-15-2.jpgRemember, you do not have to make bad food choices when you are not able to cook full meals!!! Here, I have Ahi tuna over a bed of spring greens/spinach salad.  This took me all of 12 minutes and will give me all of the nutrients I need.