Just Move It

As if you didn’t notice your sweat-drenched sports bra isn’t proof enough:  A recent study found that Zumba burn about 570 calories an hour.  And thanks to the beat-pounding music and booty -shaking choreography, the Latin inspired dance-fitness classes feel more like than a workout. I like to take the class at least twice a week as a treat from all of the hard work I have put in, in my other classes.

Here are a list of Zumba variations that can increase your heart rate while having fun.

Zumba Toning – Sculpt as you shake it! During this hour session, you will use weighted sticks to perform upper body exercises while you dance.

Zumba Senato – Senato is another way to amp up the toning elements of aerobics, incorporating triceps dips, squats, and Barre-inspired work.

Zumba In Circuit – This 1/2 hour class is ideal if time is limited;  it alternates 60 second intervals of resistant exercises with signature Zumba moves.

Aqua Zumba – Though gentle on your joints, this 60 minute pool routine is anything but easy.  The water provides resistance, so you work that much harder .


The Body Con

Screenshot_2016-05-04-09-50-35-2 (1).jpgI have totally been fooled about these  beautiful bodies that I see in the gyms, online and in the music and fashion industries.  These women are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thier bodies are admired by me and a lot of  other women who aren’t too afraid to admit it.

I have worked out my entire life, and lets face it, if you don’t have the genetic makeup, you will NEVER have a booty like Serena Williams!!!

After I had my son, I decided that I was going to have a Mommy Makeover so, I joined a couple of plastic surgery groups to get familiar with doctors and the women they have worked their magic on and the truth was discovered there.  All of these amazing bodies that I just knew for a fact were doing a million squats and hours in the gym were actually getting a little help from doctors! I was like, WTH! How could I be so naiive?

Yes, these women do go to the gym and watch their diets but, YES, they also get procedures to define areas of the body.

Get up and Move Your Body

1458942431428.jpgDon’t  let the reason you don’t have a gym membership or a personal trainer be an excuse why you don’t exercise.  There are some days that I cannot go to the gym or go hiking because I can’t find a babysitter but that doesn’t stop me from busting a move and breaking a sweat!!!

My favorite high energy workout is simply dancing with hair and makeup done like I am a dancer in a Beyonce or Rhianna video!!!  I pump up a high energy playlist and dance until I am soaking wet!!

When you are doing an activity that makes you happy instead of dreading it, you are more likely not to give up.