Just Move It

As if you didn’t notice your sweat-drenched sports bra isn’t proof enough:  A recent study found that Zumba burn about 570 calories an hour.  And thanks to the beat-pounding music and booty -shaking choreography, the Latin inspired dance-fitness classes feel more like than a workout. I like to take the class at least twice a week as a treat from all of the hard work I have put in, in my other classes.

Here are a list of Zumba variations that can increase your heart rate while having fun.

Zumba Toning – Sculpt as you shake it! During this hour session, you will use weighted sticks to perform upper body exercises while you dance.

Zumba Senato – Senato is another way to amp up the toning elements of aerobics, incorporating triceps dips, squats, and Barre-inspired work.

Zumba In Circuit – This 1/2 hour class is ideal if time is limited;  it alternates 60 second intervals of resistant exercises with signature Zumba moves.

Aqua Zumba – Though gentle on your joints, this 60 minute pool routine is anything but easy.  The water provides resistance, so you work that much harder .


Get up and Move Your Body

1458942431428.jpgDon’t  let the reason you don’t have a gym membership or a personal trainer be an excuse why you don’t exercise.  There are some days that I cannot go to the gym or go hiking because I can’t find a babysitter but that doesn’t stop me from busting a move and breaking a sweat!!!

My favorite high energy workout is simply dancing with hair and makeup done like I am a dancer in a Beyonce or Rhianna video!!!  I pump up a high energy playlist and dance until I am soaking wet!!

When you are doing an activity that makes you happy instead of dreading it, you are more likely not to give up.